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Past projects - selected work


Total Eclipse (2017)

produced by moving pieces

Director / co-creator

Lily and Paco are in crisis having both recently lost their mothers. They arrive at a mountaintop to witness a total lunar eclipse... a night of darkness that will test the boundaries of life, death and their bond to the utmost.

From tear-jerking sadness to belly laugh absurdity, this is an uplifting piece of theatre that seeks to reintroduce us to our heart’s desire: connection. Broadway Baby
Holy Presents (2015)
produced by humanish
Associate Director / Dramaturg

A humanette puppet comedy starring the Holy Trinity at home for Christmas. An absurd and endearing portrait of Christmas.

Winner of 2015 First Bite Commission by China Plate, mac Birmingham and Warwick Arts Centre.

Helen (2014) 

produced by Actors of Dionysus

Director / Co-writer

A contemporary reimagining of Helen of Troy, Helen follows the time-ravaged icon 20 years after the fall of Troy and upon the death of her dictator husband. 

Astonishing and unforgettable... this is a highly, highly recommended production. Fringe Review

Helen is an inspired piece of theatre, meticulously presented. The Argus

Thin Ice (2012)

produced by Shams 

Writer / director

This masterclass in modern stagecraft ought to be required viewing and I cannot recommend this performance enough. British Theatre Guide


It is rare to find such an erudite script realised with such clarity… clever, crisp writing. Not a word is wasted, not a movement or gesture. This is theatre craft of the finest standard. Fringe Review


Jonathan Young's brittle, blistering vision of the Arctic... as full of pathos as it is intrigue... taut storytelling and a magnetic cast draw you in… impossible to pull away.  Fest 

Reykjavik (2010)

produced by Shams


Finalist for a Total Theatre Award 2010

Disconcerting, absorbing and very moving. The List


Beautifully simple and effective… If Reykjavik was a movie it would have a cult following. Edinburgh Guide

Entering the performing space we are asked to don white suits like investigators at the scene of an accident. What follows has both an icy precision and the quality of a dream or a recurring nightmare. We move about the space as winds howl, shadows are illuminated and headlights glow... The Guardian

Bacchic (2007) 

produced by Actors of Dionysus

Director / Co-writer


A contemporary re-imagining of the Bacchae, co-written and performed by actor-aerialist Tamsin Shasha.

Clever, highly effective, an original remarkable and mesmerising reworking. The Scotsman

A theatrical gem not to be missed. Total Theatre


Hysteria (2006)

produced by Inspector Sands


Total Theatre Award 2006

One of the gems of the London International Mime Festival... Hysteria is a rib and mind-tickling delight. The Times

Even as you howl with laughter, you can’t help but feel the edge of genuine anguish that underlies the comedy cantrips. The Herald

A funny, innovative and at times disturbing exploration of how human beings hang on to their sanity. 
The Financial Times

The Garden (2003-7) 

produced by Shams

Writer / performer

Finalist for a Total Theatre Award 2006

A small gem... worthwhile work that is both playful and poetic.  The Times


A quietly assured show, containing a superbly produced and acted script. Edinburgh Guide


Atmospheric, innovative, intelligent visual feast of a one-man show... Wonderful. Don't miss. Fringe Review

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