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I work with people to help them find more ease, mobility, vitality and options in their lives through the Feldenkrais Method. 


It uses a combination of gentle movement and relaxed attention to improve your comfort and functioning, through interacting with the brain’s extraordinary neuroplasticity for your benefit.

The Method is practiced in two ways:

 - group classes called Awareness Through Movement

 - individual sessions known as Functional Integration.


Both are often called 'lessons' because a learning process takes place in your brain and body when you do them.

The Feldenkrais Method can help you change habitual patterns of posture and self-use, improve your musculoskeletal organisation, and improve your comfort, ease of movement, and sense of well-being.


Feldenkrais lessons are safe, gentle, and suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

How I came to Feldenkrais 

I am a trained, insured Feldenkrais practitioner, working since 2015 and accredited by the Feldenkrais Guild UK

My background is in theatre and movement. I first came across the Feldenkrais Method when a friend invited me to an evening class in 2004. I had previously come across these strange movement experiences in rehearsal rooms and was curious to find out more. I enjoyed the class, and returned periodically  over the following years.


But it was not until 2008 when I suffered a knee injury onstage - and lingering pain - that I started to get really curious about the Method because it was the only treatment that gave me any lasting improvement. What's more, I gained some insight into how I was using myself that was aggravating my pain. I felt empowered and wanted to learn more.


Over the coming years, I took more classes and workshops, and began to incorporate Feldenkrais into my warm-ups before going onstage. I soon noticed I could regularly deliver more easeful, grounded and skilful performances as a result.


I was hooked, and hearing that the first training for over 20 years was starting in London in 2011, I enrolled without hesitation and graduated in summer 2015. Since then, I have been working with both the public and with actors, and have greatly enjoyed sharing the benefits of this work with them. 

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