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Group classes Weds 6.30pm
From 10 January - 3 April 
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Class held online on Zoom. Drop-in for single classes or get a discount for the whole series. Concessions available.

Lighten your Mood

Every Weds 6.30-7.30pm from 28 Feb - 3 April

In these lessons, we'll look at how we can access our innate neuroplasticity to help unwind stress and find a sense of calm and centredness in our world, through coming back to our para-sympathetic nervous system: the state we evolved to be in most of the time! 

'Almost all of us experience anxiety to one degree or another. Anxiety involves primitive habits of muscular tension, constricted breathing, and physiological stress. Feldenkrais lessons free us from these patterns and help our nervous system to return to a healthy, naturally relaxed, 'parasympathetic' state. This is what we all want, and deserve.'  David Zemach-Bersin

Audio recordings of each class are available afterwards, so you don't have to attend the class in person. Another linked series of lessons will begin from 28 February until end of March. 

The lessons create a conversation of sensing, feeling, and moving that engages your whole self in a process of organic learning where old habits can be replaced by new awareness and skill.

Unlike conventional exercise:

- You learn at your own pace and in your own way, in the comfort of your own home

- The focus is on the quality of how you move, without strain or pain

- No competing, imitating, or need to 'achieve'

- Rest frequently and whenever you need, or imagine the movements

- Learn to be kind to yourself - experience the benefits in your life

Lessons are usually done either lying on the floor or a yoga mat, and sometimes in sitting or standing. It's good to have a little bit of space around yourself in all directions for the movements. Audio recordings of each class are available afterwards, so you don't have to attend the class in person.

'Jonathan works with knowledge, grace, and keen intelligence. His classes are both lighthearted and very clear, motivating for beginners and experienced students alike.'  
Janice Perry

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