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Individual sessions

Individual treatments (known as Functional Integration or F.I.) are the therapeutic, hands-on application of the Feldenkrais Method. They are gentle and comfortable and usually last an hour. Clients remain clothed and lie on a low, padded table as I work with you - primarily through touch and verbal prompts - to explore how the ways in which you move both serve you but may also be causing you unnecessary pain or limitation.


As each person has their own unique habits of posture and movement, so each treatment is bespoke to you, based on your particular needs. F.I. is a therapeutic experience designed to improve your comfort, function and sense of wellbeing through gentle movement and awareness. At the end, I may suggest movements or things to notice, in order to help integrate the learning from the session into your daily life.

Everyone can benefit from treatments – some people have them regularly whilst others schedule them for a specific need. If you have an acute difficulty or wish to address a physical issue intensively, a series of treatments is advisable, but how many depends on your needs and level of interest.

Afterwards, many people report feeling taller, refreshed, freer from pain and tension, flexible and balanced, more comfortable and confident physically, and lighter or more optimistic emotionally.

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Please note FI is not a medical treatment, but an educational method to help you learn how to improve your wellbeing through awareness and movement.


I offer sessions at my home in Berkhamsted (near London) or online. Payment is on a sliding scale, based on what you can afford, or what you feel the sessions are worth. Please contact me for details.

'The session was really amazing. I felt young again afterwards! I still do. My body felt unlocked, free from all the stuff that had built up around my knee and I suspect some other issues.' 
Carolyn Dunmur

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